Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pirates invade the Colorado Renaissance Festival!

It was a fascinating experience for me to walk through the front gate of the Colorado Renaissance Festival after 20 years. It was familiar, yet new. Nigel had returned, but of course, this was a different Nigel - one with a decade or two of pirating under his belt.

I had such a fun time invading the Festival with the Brethren of the Plains.We had a treasure hunt (of course,) celebrated birthdays, and more. I was pleasantly surprised to run into a few people that I knew, both old friends and recent acquaintances!

And I am really glad to have been there for one of the most unique and heartfelt marriage proposals I have ever had the privilege to witness, between two awesome friends.

Jack - always stealing the frame.
(I was trying to get a picture of the
girl with the really big hat.)
One of the items on the list for
the treasure hunt was to
get slapped by a nun
Glen got spanked!
Wondrous and beautiful creatures.
And a griffon.

The winners of the treasure hunt
received a chest of booty
complete with a bottle of... HEY!?!

Bloody Pirates.

Jack atop the parapet.

A proposal.

No, I'm not crying.
That's the rain misting up
the lens.
She said YES!